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Company profile:

balcom electronic was established in 1987 as a manufacturer of Door-entry systems. In 1992 balcom moved to their works in Kirchhundem - Würdinghausen ( Sauerland ) Germany.

In May 2001 balcom electronic was reorganized and newly established as balcom electronic GmbH ( Co. Limited ). Presently balcom has representatives in many European and near east countries. Furthermore the product range has been extended with Video, Bus-speech system and post box systems.




balcom electronic offers Door-, House-, Video speech-, Video surveillance systems, Post-, and Piller box systems with a reasonable cost effectiveness. The modern 2-wire Bus-system has been developed to meet the demands of the installing electrician and customer. An uncomplicated Programming by just one person and a simple maintenance, effectivley contribute to save time and capital. The Door-telephone speech unit TLT 06
enables the extension of nearly any PABX telephone system by the factor Door-speech.




balcom electronic GmbH

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D-57399 Kirchhundem-Würdinghausen, Germany


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