2 Wire


balcom Duo-PLUS saves- time, expenses and gives maximum benefits ....


  • balcom Duo-PLUS is a 2 wire BUS-system which allows the bi-direktional
    speech of one or more BUS - Telephones between the flat and the 
  • Simple one-man programming
  • The programming will not be lost due to Power-failure or through the 
    changing of some components
  • The programming can be simply changed if necessary
  • The use of standard existing Bell-buttons is possible
  • The BUS-Telephone BHT 9800 for the flat has a non-polarity connection
    and must not be opened, neither for the installation or programming
  • The electrical connection of the 2-wire BUS is made via terminal-block
    on the wall-mounting-plate
  • Each flat has a choice of 4-melodies for the main door call, and a further
    2-melodies for the flat-door call
  • Up to maximum 255 BUS-Telephones can be connected to the 2 wire
    BUS - Line
  • The maximum BUS-Line impedance is 600 Ohm, therefore the cable length
    can be naerly neglected
  • An extension of ut to 10 door-stations* (1 Master and 9 Slaves) can 
    be connected to the BUS-system (*in preparation)